The work and at-work antics
of Corey Litvak

I launched three new yogurt products

Danone Yogurt Launches

I found the appeal of probiotics

Activia Website Redesign

I helped get Quebec kids into the kitchen

Cuisinons en Famille

I turned milk into a movie star

Milk Calendar Movies

I made a bank seem cool to students

TD Pump It Up

I can explain mortgages in just 20 seconds

TD in 20: Mortgages

I mapped our history of fighting cancer

CCS 75th

I know all about the TD app

TD App, Explained

I told real peopleís saving stories

TD Savings Docs

I showed what street youth are feeling

Evaís Initiatives

I taught millennials how to get saving

TD Get Saving

I shame my coworkers with their leftovers

Fridge Shaming

I am the keeper of memories

Creative Dept. Calendar

I am the go‑to personal finance guy

Financial Coach

Call me, maybe.

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