Putting three new Danone yogurt products into market: Danone All Natural Yogurt, Activia Smoothie, and Danone GO!

Activia Smoothie
Instagram influencer and Activia ambassador Sasha Exeter stars in this 15-second TV commercial. Sasha goes about her normal daily routine of work and fitness, showing how Activia Smoothie is the perfect snack throughout the day.

This spot was shot entirely remotely during a COVID lockdown which was a unique experience. Here is a behind-the-scenes look from Sasha's condo.

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Danone Natural Website
Taking cues from the new product packaging, I designed the website to feel both all-natural and delicious. The site also focused on the origin story of the yogurt and the company's mission to better the planet.

Danone GO!
This new yogurt drink launched during the parental nightmare of work-from-home meets school-from-home. The TV spot, aimed at stressed out parents, positions Danone GO as a healthy no-brainer snack to make your kids' hunger (and your problems) simply go away.

I redesigned and reformatted shorter cut-downs for a social media campaign.

I also designed the initial in-store materials which the partner shopper agency used for several executions.

Real Goodness
When Danone decided to combine and redesign several products under a masterbrand family, I helped develop the Real Goodness platform and visual identity. With a limited budget I worked with existing Danone video assets and stock videos to create this 15-second spot and social media campaign.

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