TD wanted a way to encourage Canadians to start saving during RSP season. These documentaries showcase people's successful saving stories, highlighting their advice for forming good savings habits, and also the TD advisors that helped them along the way. This content also marks the first time TD presented real unscripted stories instead of using actors.


Finalist, Content Marketing Awards: Topic Specific Video

Telling real tales
I conducted phone interviews with all the candidates (provided by TD) and narrowed this to a shortlist that provided a good spectrum of saving stories. On shoot days I guided the participants during their on-camera interviews. And in post-production I edited the interview dialogue into a succinct (and legally approved) tale, in addition to designing the graphics and website content.

The best reaction
While the videos performed reasonably well, the greatest achievement (in my opinion) came during a presentation to TD: after screening the videos for the first time, the lawyer in the room (often the most critical player on any TD project), overcome with emotion, burst into tears. Bonus: no legal feedback.

Responsive site content

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Both sides of the story
The following year the stories focused even more on the unique relationship that forms between customer and advisor, and the advisors became main characters. TD was so pleased with this approach that it became the basis for their entire RSP mass campaign.

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