Activia wanted a modern update to their site. This redesign helped focus on probiotics and gut health while still keeping the science approachable and the overall experience inviting.

This was the first Activia website to deviate from its global brand styleguide. I selected new typefaces, adapted the colour palette, and developed a new illustration style to make the new site bold yet friendly. (When the site launched, the US Activia marketing team asked how they could get a site upgrade).

While Activia is a science-backed probiotic yogurt, it also delicious and comes an enormous variety of flavours. I wanted the product pages to look mouth-watering so I created bold fruity patterns for each yogurt.

Gut health
New articles were written and designed to feel like a healthy living blog (instead of a science journal) with small digestible* blocks of text peppered with images throughout. *Pun intended

The new styleguide was also applied to banner ads, for a more unified digital ecosystem.

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