TD wanted to reach university students during frosh week. This nation-wide contest put schools head-to-head for a chance to win an epic on-campus concert. Students thought TD was awesome and, more importantly, they signed up for new bank accounts in droves.


Gold CMA: Digital Financial
Silver CMA: Integrated Financial

Doesn't look like a bank
I intentionally took liberties to step outside the TD standards when I designed this site. I wanted to create something that would feel like it was specifically made for the student audience. And by having TD loosen up a bit (just look at the jaunty angle of that TD logo), the aim of the contest for students to have a good time came across as authentic.

Full suite of display banners

Facebook content and email marketing

Xbox ads and custom background theme

Keep on rockin'
The program was so successful that TD ran it for 5 years straight. And each year I helped to make the contest mechanics more compelling and engaging, and of course design a new look for the site.

TD site content and Facebook content

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