In 2011, while I was on vacation, a colleague (Sarah) announced that she was in a new relationship. Knowing that I would want to devour such important gossip, my team added notes to our Milk Calendar for the duration of my trip. Upon my return to the office I immediately fell in love with this idea and since then I have documented the life within our work family.

A team effort
The creative department calendar is a collective effort. While I consider myself the keeper of the calendar, I make sure that the whole team has a chance to contribute. And when my efforts have waned, key figures have been prolific in my place. Our memories started out as an irregular collection of low-fi notes and eventually evolved into a colourful medley of illustrations that we tried to make every single day of the year.

Most recently the calendar has returned to a low-fi incarnation.

What happened to Sarah?
Since you're obviously curious... her entire relationship is documented over many years of Milk Calendars from that very first relationship announcement, to moving in with her boyfriend and taking a few vacations together, to their engagement and wedding.

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