There's a communal fridge at my office and inevitably it starts to smell. Really. Really. Bad. So I volunteer to clean out the mess and there's always an audience. The catch: I document the process and then send company-wide emails showcasing the horrors I extract from the fridge's depths.

This is not a drill!
There's a fridge cleaning today at 3pm-ish and anything not labeled will immediately be thrown out. Here are some gems from over the years.

Avocado roast
We had a huge avocado epidemic and I couldn't understand it because avocados aren't cheap. Nine times out of ten the culprit was Gabi. Come take a trip with me down memory lane I guarantee a laugh at the end.

Oh, but there's more
These emails are possibly my most prolific and fun output. But aside from giving everyone a good laugh, the shaming emails work over the years there has been a marked decline in the need for critical fridge cleanings. Corey: 1, Mould: 0.

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