A campaign by Dairy Farmers of Canada that encouraged Quebec parents to involve their children in meal preparation, a key way to promote healthy eating. The idea was to provide practical and tangible tools to help families cook nutritious food together.


DUX Awards: Grand Prix Winner

Recipe eBooks
The campaign centered around 2 recipe eBooks (summer recipes and winter recipes editions) that I designed. The recipes were a blend of clear directions for parents mixed with lively colourful illustrations to show the kids which parts were specifically for them.

Recipes in action
We created 6 videos of real families preparing eBook recipes with animations to specifically highlight all the fun and excitement the kids were having in the kitchen. These were used in social media in long-form and short-form cutdowns. I oversaw the team of designers working on storyboards and animations. And I also designed additional static social posts to complement the videos.

This kit was specifically designed for a series of parenting micro-influencers. It included printed versions of the eBook along with branded aprons and utensils, and unique activities for the kids. The influencers created engaging social posts and blog content for their fan base.

The campaign content was so successful that we were able to develop partnership opportunities with Les Debrouillards magazine and TeleQuebec website.

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